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Multi touch Overlays

Touch Options

20 Point Touch

20-Point Touch Overlays can simultaneously detect and respond to ten distinct touch points. This means that the screen can accurately track and process up to ten individual touch inputs at the same time for a multi touch or multi user experience

40 Point Touch

Like 20-point Touch, 40-Point Touch also simultaneously detects and responds, the screen can track and process up to forty individual touch inputs at the same time, enabling complex and sophisticated multi-touch gestures.

Touch Uses

20 Point Touch

Commonly used in interactive displays, tablets, smartphones, and touch-enabled laptops. It’s particularly beneficial in collaborative environments, gaming, and creative applications like drawing and design.

40 Point Touch

40-point touch is ideal for applications that require high levels of touch interaction, such as digital whiteboards, interactive kiosks, gaming, virtual reality, and creative tools like drawing and design software.



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Frame Sizes

20 Point Touch

20-point touch screens are best suited for a wide range of device sizes, from small tablets and smartphones to large interactive displays. They are
particularly effective in educational, professional, creative, and entertainment applications where
multi-touch capabilities enhance the user experience and productivity.

40 Point Touch

40-point touch screens are often scalable to larger sizes, making them suitable for large format displays that are used in interactive settings where many users interact with the
screen at once.


20 Point 32” 43” 49” 55” 65” 75” 86” 98” 110”
40 Point 32” 43” 49” 55” 65” 75” 86” 98” 110”
20 Point 40 Point
32” 32”
43” 43”
49” 49”
55” 55”
65” 65”
75” 75”
86” 86”
98” 98”
110” 110”
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